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More About Gun Control

Today I watched a video, which is available at http://consciouslyenlightened.com/gang-members-implicate-u-s-govt-in-dumping-crates-of-guns-in-chicago/ In it a man states that the federal government has been distributing crates of unregistered guns in downtown Chicago since 1990 and possibly longer. The purpose seems to be to … Continue reading

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More Election Stuff

I had a photo that I wanted to show you but I could not get it to carry through. It showed a police officer in front of his patrol car. The caption said “if we wanted you dead we would … Continue reading

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Gun Control

The last few weeks we have heard a lot about gun control. Most of it is bullshit. Today I read that State Senator Soles, of North Carolina, shot a burglar in his home. This would not be noteworthy except that … Continue reading

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