Did the Democrats make a mistake?

I am sure that most of you are aware that the Democratic National Committee cheated all through the primaries to give Hillary a leg up on Sanders. It was clear from the very first primary, in Iowa. For some reason that was not explained to me they had one voting district with only one voter in it. His vote was counted as being for Clinton, although he stated vehemently that he had voted for Sanders.

There were thousands of ballots changed in Kentucky. California was one of the biggest election frauds. When Bernie spoke there he drew crowds of up to 60,000 people. By contrast Hillary could only draw a couple hundred. They told us that Hillary won the primary there by a wide margin. Did anybody believe that?

Later we were told that the people working at the polls had been told that one class of voters were to receive provisional ballots. These were not counted. The records of party affiliation were changed to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of people who were deemed to be likely Sanders voters.

It reminds me of a quotation from Josef Stalin. It says that it does not matter who votes or how they vote. The people who are important are the ones who count the ballots.

Recently I read that the United Nations had done some checking and discovered that in a few states exit polls, which are usually very accurate, were nowhere near the final count. This indicated fraud to them. They stated that each apparent case of fraud gave Clinton large numbers of votes that should have gone to Sanders. I have no idea why or how they got involved.

This is being written the week of the Democratic convention. It appears that Trump is leading and his lead is increasing almost every week. The following email was recently published. It was from Huma Abedin, who apparently ran the State Department while Hillary was soliciting bribes and taking care of business for the Clinton Foundation.

Released Email from Huma Exposes Hillary as Unfit to be President
Going Viral! By TruthFeedNews June 9, 2016
An email chain from Huma Abedin to fellow staffer Monica Hanley reveals an unflattering portrayal of Hillary Clinton that the first Democratic Party nominee for President would most certainly NOT want exposed.
Abedin: Have you been going over her calls with her? So she knows Singh is at 8? [India Prime Minister Manmohan Singh]
Hanley: She was in bed for a nap by the time I heard that she had an 8am call. Will go over with her
Abedin: Very imp to do that. She’s often confused.

TruthFeedNews added:
This corroborates multiple other evidence that Hillary may be sick, may have brain damage, and has very low stamina.
Is a woman who is often confused and constantly napping fit to be President of the United States – the most powerful position in the free world?

Hillary Clinton has made many enemies during her long career. Anonymous produced a 22-minute video in which they described her as a career criminal. They promised to provide more information on a more or less continuous basis right up until the day of the election. Wikileaks are producing more data and also promise a steady stream of information of the same type.

Dinesh d’Sousa has written a book, called Stealing America, in which he wrote about the way that the big Wall Street banks are essentially stealing a very large fraction of all of the wealth produced in the US. He also produced a movie called Hillary’s America, which began general circulation the fourth week of July to coincide with the Democratic convention.

There is a lot more dirt that can be produced before election day and I predict that most of it will be publicized well before then. Someone made a mathematical error and millions of people will receive Obamacare bills the month before the election and these bills will average much higher than they were last year.

The Clinton Foundation is being investigated. It appears to be a phony charity. Large donations made for relief of Haiti after a natural tragedy there never got anywhere near their stated destination.

I have not even mentioned that the Romanian man who copied all of the emails on Hillary’s server is supposed to have committed suicide recently. Another man who was supposed to testify in a case involving the Clintons was reported to have died when a barbell fell on him and crushed his throat. Does anyone believe that? They followed 30 or 40 others who had died when their continued existence was inconvenient to the Clintons.

Now we know that a large fraction of Sanders voters will not vote for Hillary. If the primaries had been run correctly it is almost certain that Sanders would have won and nearly all of Clinton’s voters would have gone over to the Sanders side.

For all of these reasons I believe that the Democrats would have had a much better chance of winning in November if they had conducted a clean campaign and nominated Sanders. What on earth were they thinking when they decided to send out their second-best vote getter instead of their top vote getter? It appears that they believed that they could slow down the Trump campaign and win even without using their best candidate. It is now very doubtful if they can win at all.

Because of my youth I completely missed observing the collapse of the Roman Empire. I also missed most of the collapse of the British Empire. I saw only the action where they lost Rhodesia, which was a part of the Empire, and the Union of South Africa, which was part of the Commonwealth. The reason for both seems to have been Communist agitation. They convinced bleeding hearts in the western countries that black people would be better off if they were murdered by a black-ruled government instead of being inconvenienced by a white-ruled government.

I have been watching the collapse of the US Empire for about 50 years. I do not believe that it can be revived in a single generation. I expect things to either turn for the better or for the worse when this election is over and the new legislators are in position.

I keep seeing notices on Facebook decrying the fact that the US needs term limits for legislators, not just for Presidents. Every now and then I post a comment to the effect that it does not make sense for you to wait for someone else to set term limits in place. The people who are complaining should join a political party and vote against the incumbent in every primary.

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Laptop warning

Earlier this year I had a big problem with a laptop computer made by one of the big brands. When I bought the machine about a year earlier I took it home and was surprised to see that they had not included a copy of the operating system. I checked and discovered that this is their standard policy. It is what caused my subsequent problems.

The hard drive died unexpectedly in late February or early March. Unfortunately for me I was in another country at the time. I soon discovered that the manufacturer’s warranty or guarantee is only valid in the country of purchase. I was in Canada so I had to go through the manufacturer’s US office, which of course is in the Philippines.

As soon as I entered the serial number of my machine into the manufacturer’s website I was told that the guarantee would expire on June 17 of this year. I managed to find an 800 phone number for the US office. I called and someone there helped me go through the diagnostics to confirm that it was really a hard drive failure. I asked what they could do to replace the bad hard drive and was referred to the Mexican office, since the machine had been purchased there. I went through the internet to the Mexican office. They gave me the same date for guarantee expiry, then told me that they could not help me because the machine was not in Mexico so I would have to ask for help from the US office.

I later discovered that this is the standard pattern for an international guarantee question. They throw the customer back and forth until he goes away. After a couple of weeks of bullshit I decided to forget about them and buy a new disk and have it installed. I did this, and then the technician told me that I would have to get a copy of the operating system from the machine manufacturer.

I soon discovered that this was impossible. I got a lot of irrelevant questions. They included such things as the name and address of the wholesaler my dealer had purchased it from. I did not have my dealer’s phone number and the number that I got from directory assistance was no longer in use. I had a friend go by the dealer’s shop and send me the phone number. I phoned and got the name of the wholesaler. Next they asked me for the name of the individual who had handled the sale at the wholesaler. Since several people were involved this made no sense at all. It was just another stall.

I checked and discovered that it would cost C$145 to send the machine back to Mexico so that the operating system could be installed. The extra hazard would be going through Customs at least 4 times, including the TSA on a couple of them. This increased the risk of loss.

I finally decided to keep the non-operative machine as it was until I arrived back in Mexico. Then I took it to the local technician who performed servicing, warranty or otherwise, for the manufacturer. I paid him for installing an operating system, and he gave me the access information for the company to ask for what they would give me for the warranty.

I contacted them and got another batch of bullshit. They asked for the bill of sale from when I purchased the machine. My dealer had made a mistake and showed only 12 months of warranty. They hung on that, disregarding the fact that their system showed the June 17 warranty expiration date. Finally they offered to sell me a new hard drive for a price that was about double the retail price. I refused this offer for the obvious reasons.

My conclusion from all of this is that if you plan taking a laptop with you anywhere outside of the country where it was purchased you ABSOLUTELY MUST take a DVD with the operating system on it. If you are contemplating buying a laptop and think that you might take it with you to another country do not buy it until you find out if it comes with a copy of the operating system.

Several years ago I wrote a big C program and discovered that it would not work correctly because of a reading error in Windows. By the time I discovered that it was their error, not mine, and came up with a workaround for it my client had lost interest in the project. I did not have any front money so I was stuck.

That was when I gave up my membership in the Bill Gates fan club. I have now given up my membership in the Michael Dell fan club.

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We have heard many comments about shootings involving police officers. In at least a couple of recent cases, initial reports from friends of the deceased stated that police had intentionally murdered a black man. This got a lot of publicity. Closer investigation proved that it was all lies.

Each of these cases was taken up by the extreme leftists and treated as absolute gospel. When it was proven to be wrong they simply shut up about it and went on to the next lie.

A criminologist from the University of Toledo has examined the latest data from the FBI and Centers for Disease Control. From 2003 through 2012 law enforcement officers killed an average of 429 people per year. The estimate is that 112 of these were black. By contrast an average of 4472 per year were killed by other black men. Black Lives Matter, the Black Panthers, and similar groups like to talk about the 2.5 % who are killed by police and not the 97.5 % who are killed by other black men. To me, and to most observers, they are just as dead, and even more likely to leave family and friends behind.

Heather MacDonald of the Manhattan Institute looked at the FBI statistics for the 75 largest counties in the US and found that although blacks are only 15 % of the population in these counties they commit 57 % of the murders, 45 % of the assaults and 62 % of the robberies. Given these crime rates the fact that only 26 % of civilians killed by police are black is astonishing.

It is obvious from these figures that police are very reluctant to shoot a black person even when it is completely justified because they are afraid of bad publicity.

It is obvious that the government leaders and other race pimps are misleading the public. Kevin Jackson, in his new book “Race Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism” states that race pimping has cost America TRILLIONS of dollars because there is big money in racial guilt. He states that politicians line their pockets and those of family and friends, while delivering little or nothing to their constituents or the community at large. He wrote this book before the ridiculousness of Ferguson.

It is clear that Black Lives Matter, the Black Panthers and similar groups are simply trying to stir up trouble. This raises the question of why their leaders are being feted by the President and the Attorney General and asked to “keep up the good work.” It is clear that the two people who are at the head of the US law enforcement system are acting against the interests of the law and the public.

The reason for this seems to be that encouraging black people to think of themselves as being victims will help ensure that they will vote for Democratic candidates this fall.

Think of it! The very people who are supposed to be in charge of enforcing the law are in cahoots with the law breakers. They are throwing away the rule of law just to win an election. Obama and Hillary are both stating that the problem is not the black criminals but the mostly white police officers. Without the police utter chaos would ensue. One sheriff has stated, for publication, that if you don’t like your police you must start to make friends with the gangsters because soon they will be running the country. Is that what you want?

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I found this item while I was housecleaning this week. It is dated April 11, 2015. It was published as part of a longer article called Why The Government Hates Gold.

It states that two economists, John W. Dawson and John J. Seater have tried to quantify the costs of regulation on the economy in general. These costs are primarily decreased efficiency and reduced economic growth.

First let me explain the phenomenon of regulatory capture. I will give the stock market as one example. The Securities Exchange Commission was set up about 1932 to regulate the financial markets. That meant protect the investing public from the Wall Street sharpies. Many if not most of the first people hired knew very little about how the stock market operates. Over time some of the positions at the SEC were filled with people who knew how things operate because they had Wall Street experience. The emphasis shifted to protecting the Wall Street sharpies from the public. Many employees of the SEC moved to Wall Street companies. Many retired from the SEC to work on Wall Street. According to one report, many people look for jobs at the SEC, hoping to establish contacts that will allow them to obtain high-paying Wall Street jobs.

To give another example, published reports state that 90% of the US public do not want to eat GMO foods. The FDA intentionally makes it almost impossible for anyone to label any foods as non-GMO.

I wrote earlier that money spent lobbying Congress and government officials returns over $600 for every dollar spent.

One of the things that lobbyists work hard at is making it more expensive for new companies that do not have lobbyists to compete with established companies that do have them. I am sure that there have been liberals placed in all the branches of government who believe that their main purpose is to make it difficult for all capitalists to stay in business. Many of these regulations seem to be for that purpose alone.

Published reports have stated that there are about 20 new regulations published per day, and that a business that has more than about 20 employees has to have someone go through each of them to see if it affects their business, and if so figure out what to do about it. This makes it very difficult for small businesses to operate.

The two economists I mentioned above have concluded that the cost to the US economy of the regulations that have been put forward since 1949 is $125,000 for each person, including children and retirees.

This week I saw a quotation from Ayn Rand. It is “When the law no longer protects you from the corrupt, but protects the corrupt from you, you know your nation is doomed.” She could have been writing about the current regulatory system.

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While housecleaning this week I came on a piece from Jon Rappoport’s blog from September of last year. It quoted a psychiatrist as stating that he had made up diagnoses of ADHD to get an opportunity to prescribe psychotropic medicines. He said that he believes that this will improve the academic abilities of students in poor areas.

This is in spite of a warning from the American Psychiatric Press that these drugs cannot produce the desired results.

Two other things come to mind.

Nobody knows what the long-term effects of use of psychotropic drugs are like. I met a man several times who had smoked enormous amounts of pot beginning at a very young age. His mental development had suffered a lot, apparently at least partially from excessive pot smoking.

Before the recent Muslim mass shootings, there were several cases of mass shootings by white men. They had two characteristics in common. One was bowl haircuts. The other was use of psychotropic drugs. The man who shot several people in a church was on 2 different types of psychotropic drugs. One was prescribed for him, the other was bought on the street.

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The Lead-in to Dallas

There were several things that led to the recent murder of police in Dallas. Let me list the most important ones.

Fast and Furious started shortly after Obama became president. It consisted of having agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms reverse their normal duties. Instead of trying to decrease the trade in illegal firearms they were told to make it easier for guns to be purchased by straw buyers. One straw buyer bought over 600 rifles. He was on food stamps at the time. The agents were told that the ATF would track the shipments of these arms. There was no intention of doing such a thing.

While this was going on Eric Holder visited the White House every day. It became clear that the two people who were supposed to be the leaders in upholding the law were the biggest lawbreakers in the country. All of the investigations into this have been stonewalled with the explanation being that the FBI paid for the guns.

Since then the guns from Fast and Furious have been showing up all over. One published account said that they had been used in 69 murders. One was used in one of the recent massacres in Europe. When Chapo Guzman was captured in Mexico recently his headquarters contained at least one 50 caliber rifle, said to be powerful enough to down a helicopter.

The only explanation of Fast and Furious that has been made is that its purpose was to increase gun violence and make it easier to impose gun control on the population.

The next major step was the killing of a young man in Florida. I first heard about this on what I call the Communist News Network. A former employee there recently stated, for publication, that two of her duties were to kill stories that put the Obama administration in a bad light, and making up stories that cast them in a favorable light.

The case, as they presented it, was that a young 160-lb man had been killed by a 235-lb man. They left off the heights, which was very unusual. It later developed that the 160-lb man was 6’4″ tall. When I was that age I was 6′ tall and weighed about 100 lbs and I would have taken on anybody of any size. They kept showing pictures of the deceased that had been taken several years before. This was also highly unusual.

The Communist News Network produced many shows about the case. They publicized the protest meetings without stating that the protests were organized. They were trying to make it look like a national movement. The president went on TV and said that if he had a son the son would look like the deceased.

It was later discovered that the protests that the Communist News Network portrayed as spontaneous had been organized and managed by community organizers who were paid by the Department of Justice.
1984 all over again.

After the case had been closed several items which had not been mentioned came to light. I saw a photo of the deceased taken a short time before his death. He no longer looked like the 14-year old boy in the earlier photos. He looked like a hardened criminal. He had been apprehended by school authorities. While looking in his locker for illegal drugs they found some jewellery and a screwdriver. They handed the jewellery over to the police as something that had been found on school property.

The day before the shooting he had got onto a transit bus. When the driver asked him to pay his fare he punched him in the face. The dispatcher told the driver not to press charges. It had been stated that at the time of the shooting he had gone out to buy Skittles and iced tea. Nobody bothered to ask why those two items. It turned out that these were 2 of the 3 ingredients of an intoxicant called Purple. Its unusual characteristics are that it causes users to become extremely violent and causes liver damage, like the autopsy showed in the deceased.

Ferguson, Missouri was another case. As soon as the original dispute hit the headlines Holder sent in his community organizers to stir up trouble. Soros sent in hundreds of protestors from outside. He is rumored to have spent 60 million to stir up the problems. The Communist News Network of course publicized the protests and downplayed the official reports.

People like Sharpton, who is an invited guest at the White House with great frequency, began publicly demanding that people kill police officers. Again it looks like the president is backing these demands instead of having Sharpton arrested for inciting to murder.

The Weather Underground of the 1970s re-emerged as Black Lives Matter. It also advocates violence, especially violence against police. It appears to be acting like Hitler’s storm troopers in the 1930s.

Baltimore was another case. Again Soros sent in mobs to protest police action.

On the 4th of July weekend 24 people were murdered in Chicago and another 50 or 60 treated for gunshot wounds. Just black people shooting each other in a city famous for its restrictive gun laws. Nobody protested these deaths but they are just as dead as anyone can be. Two people were killed by police. One of these was an apparent misunderstanding and the other was a police overreaction.

Nobody protested the 24 but mobs all over protested the 2. Can’t these people count to 24?

Previous studies have shown that police all over the US are much more likely to shoot a white man than a black under similar circumstances.

One sheriff referred to the statements of Obama and Clinton vilifying police officers by saying that if you don’t like the police get ready to make friends with the hoodlums.

There have been rumors circulating for months that Obama intended to declare martial law in July and cancel this year’s elections. One report from early the week of July 4 stated that Lynch and Black Lives Matter are planning to disrupt conventions of both parties to make this happen.

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The Rinos are Criminally Insane

Since Donald Trump first announced his candidacy there have been many rinos (an abbreviation for Republican In Name Only) trying to stop him. Most of them have put more efforts into stopping Trump than they ever used in their efforts to stop Obama. This particularly applies to Mitt Romney, who ran against Obama in 2012. Many people have suggested that if he had put as much energy into stopping Obama in 2012 as he has put into stopping Trump in 2016 he would be president now.

I have only heard of one explanation for why this campaign against Trump is going on. It is that Trump threatens to end their graft. There is much more corruption in Washington than most people realize. A recent report said that senators receive a salary of 174k a year. After paying for their living expenses and taxes they manage to increase their net worth by an average of 1.6 million a year. Of course this is in addition to the large amounts of government money that they vote for use in buying voters.

Another report said that when a large company pays for a lobbyist to get Congress to make favorable laws and regulations they receive an average of well over $600 for every dollar invested. This is why you see things like Congress passing a law to make it almost impossible to stop the use of GMO foods, although they realize that 90% of people do not want to buy or eat them. Monsanto provides more goodies for legislators than the voters ever could.

When the TARP bill went to the president for his signature there were more than 200 billion dollars of pork barrel spending items attached to it. Divide that by 535 legislators and you get 373 million each. Compare that to their salaries of 174k and you begin to see the graft.

It is really odd that the Rinos are trying to stop the only real vote-getter that their party has. If they are successful Hillary is almost certain to win. She has announced that she will eliminate the southern border, let in hundreds of thousands of Muslims, continue Obama’s attacks on the police, and try to end Second Amendment rights to gun ownership. The Rinos prefer this to losing their graft.

The week of June 20 a man who was scheduled to make a deposition that would cast a Clinton associate in a bad light was listed as having died because he accidentally dropped a barbell on his throat. Did anyone ever hear of such a thing happening to anyone else? It is almost like the 2 fellows who died in Arkansas when the Clintons were in power there. One had knife wounds in his back and the other had a crushed skull. Their bodies were placed on a railroad track and a train ran over them. Their deaths were listed as accidental by a Clinton-associated coroner.

In early July the Romanian fellow who had make copies of all of the documents on Hillary’s server died under equally unlikely circumstances. It appears that another Clinton-connected coroner will call it a suicide. No wonder Anonymous referred to Hillary as a career criminal.

It is really sad that in this day and age the Rinos prefer to have a career criminal take office rather than a free-enterprise candidate, and the end of their graft seems to be the main reason for this.

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The great Impostor?

There have been rumors floating around for years that Paul McCartney, the most famous of the Beatles, died long ago and was replaced by a dead ringer.

Ringo Starr was recently quoted as saying that this is correct. He stated that Paul died unexpectedly. As luck would have it, there had just been a contest to pick a Paul McCartney lookalike and they decided to draft the winner to replace Paul. The reason that they decided on this plan is lost in history.

I have no idea how they knew that the Paul McCartney lookalike could play a guitar and sing. I am sure that there must have been a talent portion of the contest.

In any case, the winner of the contest was never heard of again under his original name. The Beatles went on to become one of the most famous bands in history. Ringo stated that the only problem was that the new person known as Paul could not get along with John Lennon.

Later a woman named Yoko Ono pursued John Lennon and married him. She felt that the Beatles had changed from the original group of four equal partners and were becoming Paul McCartney and his sidemen. She encouraged John to “stand up for himself.” Since John and Paul did not get along anyway this led to the breakup of the group.

A similar thing happened many years ago when Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis were working together. Their wives began arguing over who got top billing and broke up the team. Dean Martin later achieved great fame and Jerry Lewis was left behind.

There was nothing illegal about this substitution plan. Sir Paul, as he is known now, is a fantastic performer. He regularly puts on a show for 2 or 3 hours nonstop.

If this story is true he is the most successful impostor ever.

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Gun-free zones

About 25 years ago I read that a person living in the US could cut his chance of being murdered in half quite easily. All he had to do was stay out of the bars where bikers and drug dealers hung out, and the parking lots of those bars.

There have been many mass shootings since then. Nearly all of them occurred in what are called gun-free zones. A few months ago someone wrote that when a mass shooter was stopped by a civilian there were an average of 2 people killed by the shooter. When they had to wait for the police to arrive the average number was about 14. This is logical because it takes several minutes to get a SWAT team ready and get them to the particular location.

It is very difficult to understand the people who still insist on declaring areas as gun-free zones. I read one in which the author stated that when a would-be shooter discovered that he was the only person there who had a gun he would naturally lay down his gun and leave. I wonder where the author of that piece has been living the last 20 or 30 years.

The correct name for these zones should be defenseless areas. It follows naturally that anyone who wants to go on a rampage will select a defenseless area to commit his crime.

In the San Bernardino case, the authorities began investigating the shooters months before the shooting. They received orders from higher up to stop the investigation because it showed Muslims in a bad light. The same thing happened in Orlando. It defies logic that anyone would want to stop a criminal investigation for such a flimsy excuse. The end result is that the Muslims got a much worse hit to their already-bad reputation instead of a much smaller hit. And of course more people lost their lives.

In the Orlando case I saw a photo of the shooter’s father at Hillary’s house. Apparently they had several meetings. That may be why the investigation of his son was stopped.

The radical left claimed that the Orlando shooting was because assault rifles are readily available. There are millions of them in the US. An article this past week stated that they are used in far less murders than hands, knives, or blunt objects.

If you want to decrease your chances of being murdered, stay away from gun-free zones. It is also a good idea to stay away from areas with tight gun control laws, like Chicago, Washington D.C. and many colleges and universities.

Two odd facts about murders. Over 90 % of violent criminals identify themselves as Democrats. None identify themselves as NRA members. I doubt that anyone will seriously suggest that the problem is too many Democrats.

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Who Won the Cold War?

The Cold War ran from about 1946 to 1990. We all assumed that the west had won when we saw the Berlin Wall come down. We were wrong.

A secret agent from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was sent to the US to assist in the Socialist takeover of the educational system. He discovered that he was too late. It had already been taken over. I wrote about him earlier. In an interview done in 1986 he stated that the takeover had been completed long before he arrived. He did not know why they sent him.

There were many parts of North American society that welcomed Socialist ideas. The educational system, the union movement, and the media are the prime examples. The budding environmental movement was overtaken as well. In each of these cases the socialist viewpoint was taken as gospel, no matter whether it made sense or not.

In education, the curricula were changed to provide a socialist slant on history and economics. The method of operation was also changed. It was decided that exams were not as necessary as previously.

Social promotion became almost universal. This created enormous problems for teachers who were trying to teach academic subjects, not socialist propaganda. One teacher was quoted in the press as saying that if she assigned a reading for the next class, only 5 of 25 students would bother reading it. The next day she had to decide if she should teach to the 5 who had done the reading or the 20 who had not.

This was written about by a lady who was a senior official in the federal education department in the Reagan administration. Her book was called The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. You can look it up on the internet. I have seen videos of someone asking simple questions about US history to university students. Their ignorance is absolutely amazing.

A recent account said that a third of university students in the US could not name even one of the three branches of the federal government.

Recently they have come up with the dumb idea of giving a participation prize to everyone who shows up for a sports team. In one school they have stopped honor students from wearing emblems of their status to prevent the others from feeling inferior.

In the 1970s I heard several accounts of strikes in which the strikers stated that their intention was to bring down the whole rotten capitalist system. How can an employer bargain with someone like that?

Ten or 20 years ago a new journalism student told one of his professors that he had conservative political views. The prof was amazed. He could not understand why a person with conservative views would be interested in journalism. He had not heard of such a thing happening in the past.

In 1948 a man writing under the name of George Orwell wrote a book that he called 1984. In it he described a language known as Newspeak which had been laundered to make it impossible to express opinions contrary to the accepted doctrine. This was taken seriously by the leftists and re-emerged as the Politically Correct doctrine. When Trump made a statement about anchor babies his critics said that the term was offensive. They did not bother to say anything about his arguments, which were correct.

I went to see the movie Titanic. It turned out to be mostly socialist propaganda. Maybe Joe McCarthy was right about Hollywood.

There was a lot of spillover into Canada and Mexico. In Canada a man who had been a member of the socialist party decided that he would be more likely to be elected if he moved over to the Liberal party. He did so and became leader and then Prime Minister. He did not change his socialist ideas while moving over. He moved all the Canadian political parties one step to the left. His son was recently elected as Prime Minister. I received a few emails listing the accomplishments of his first 100 days. They read like a socialist pamphlet. Nothing that would benefit the country is on the list.

In Mexico a socialist candidate was nearly elected President in 2006. He missed by a fraction of a percentage point.

I have to tell you what politicians have been doing while this was going on, and why they have not taken action against it. A recent report stated that US senators are more thrifty than we thought. On a salary of 174,000 they pay taxes, support themselves and their families, and manage to increase their net worth by an average of 1.6 million per year. If they devoted as much as 1 % as much effort to the nation’s business as they do to their personal finances the US would not have the problems it has.

There have been many members of the Republican party who have opposed Trump. This seems to be because they do not want to have him upset the cozy arrangements that make them money far in excess of their government salaries.

The socialist indoctrination has been so complete that Bernie ran a strong campaign as a socialist. The only socialist countries left in the Americas are Cuba and Venezuela. One wag stated that Bernie’s followers should move to Venezuela so that they could live in a worker’s paradise. None of them followed this suggestion.

As another example, Bernie lost out to a member of the worst ruling family since the Borgias. Anonymous has produced a 23-minute video describing some of her crimes. They did not even mention the 34 or 47 (it depends how you count them) people who died when their continued existence was inconvenient to the Clintons.

It has become clear that when she was Secretary of State she did not have a computer on her desk, nor did she have a userid and password to the computer system that the government had spent millions of dollars protecting from hackers. She used her own Blackberry and her own server. This was because she did not want her emails to be subject to the Freedom of Information Act. Her main objective was to obtain bribes from countries that wanted permission to buy arms from US companies.

This left the actual operation of the State Department primarily in the hands of her chief assistant. This woman is a Muslim married to a Jew, which would normally make her unacceptable to other Muslims. However she was treated with respect when she went to the Mideast to attend a ceremony in which her mother received an award from the Muslim Brotherhood. This organization is considered to be a terrorist organization in many countries, but not in the US. One pundit stated that the Brotherhood must consider her to be one of their agents.

Hillary fell and had a concussion. It looks like she did not recover. One email from her chief assistant to another woman asked her to get Hillary ready and get her to a meeting the next morning. It added that Hillary was often confused. Do you get the implication? She if often confused and needs to have someone help her. That someone appears to be an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood.

A financial writer has stated that Trump might destroy the US but Hillary would destroy the whole western world. He was referring to the fact that she was behind the loss of Egypt and Libya by moderate forces so that they could be replaced by radical jihadist regimes. The current war in Syria was started by Clinton and Obama to replace another moderate government by more radical jihadist Muslims.

I should mention that the violent attacks on people who are attending Trump rallies reminds me of stories of Hitler’s brownshirts, who attacked his opponents in the 1930s.

In spite of all of these things, there are still millions of people who are prepared to vote for Hillary, apparently because she is the only socialist in the running. They prefer a career criminal to a businessman who often says things that he shouldn’t. The part that is most amazing to me is that her followers know that she is a crook but they just don’t care.

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